Family photoshoot sessions by Kelly Bond Photography

I am a mum to 3 gorgeous kids. Capturing moments of them throughout any given day is precious to me as that day will never come again. Those moments may disappear from my memory if I do not keep them stored in an image. So yes, my phone is constantly telling me I have low storage!

I really adore capturing families together – whether that is just the younger generation together, parents willing to be involved, or the wider family together.

Families are special. We are born into a family by design, not by choice. The choice comes from the relationship that grows.

As the family grows, dynamics change, love deepens, and the future expands.

I encourage you to book in a family photoshoot session to capture a time of your family just being as they are, at whatever stage or age of life.

Life moves fast – especially with kids, as so many people will say, but it is true!

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