Newborn photography by Aylesbury based photographer Kelly Bond

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new born

Newborn photography is my absolute dream job.

I have always loved babies from when I was even very young myself, and now mum to 3 of my own. 

This is my youngest little Bond baby:

Having children of my own, and seeing how fast they grow in the blink of an eye, I understand how utterly precious it is to capture those moments at every opportunity.

I started taking photos of my own children within minutes of birth, and haven’t really slowed down.

They grow, they change, they develop, and the love for them grows ever deeper with every passing day.

I explored newborn photography further after the birth of my first child, and I haven’t looked back since.

This is the area of photography that I thrive in; getting creative with colours, tones, textures, and props to create the most timeless images of those tiny features before they develop to the next stage of growth.

Don’t let these early days pass you by, they will only be this small for such a short time.

Cuddle them, rest your eyes on them in wonder, as before it seems possible, they will be on the move and exploring life and making a way for themselves.

I’ll just leave a few more here of moments that have made my heart sigh for the essence that is captured in the sweetness of a newborn baby…

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