Lockdown fun in Aylesbury

Lockdown won’t stop this photographer

Lockdown is a new experience for everyone, and something that I’m sure nobody expected to happen. But it did, and here we are.

Schools have closed, many businesses have had to close their doors temporarily, and we all need to stay home to reduce the strain on our amazing NHS. I love our NHS – I am so proud to live in a country that values this incredible asset. All those amazing key workers keeping us going – big shout out to them all!

We have to make the most of it. We are in this situation for a while longer yet. Stay with me – here comes the fun!

One of my wonderful neighbours (a key worker) sent notes round to each household inviting us to join a street WhatsApp group. Little did we know how much it would bring us together. Within a few days of back and forth messages and lots of friendly banter, I suggested something a little out there to get us out of our houses and meet, socially distanced of course.

I love any excuse to have a little boogie, so that’s what I suggested we do!

They were all keen and within days, we had set a plan. Another neighbour had an amp to ensure all the street could hear (and no doubt some of the surrounding streets), and we put song suggestions on the WhatsApp group.

Twice a week we have some songs to dance to, the other days we often meet out front anyway for a cuppa and just to socialise. We all come out as a street to sing Happy Birthday for all the lockdown birthdays! So far there have been 4, and there are at least 2 more over the next lockdown phase.

One Friday, a fashion show was suggested with recycled outfits. It is now a weekly occurrence with a theme to create homemade outfits to! Last week was mythical creatures, this coming Friday it is cartoon characters.

Nearly a full turnout of the whole street for last weeks Friday fashion show!

Our local radio station, Mix96, even did a story on it. It feels amazing to share it wider with the community and I hope many more streets get involved with it and start their own. It has helped us get to know our neighbours more than we ever did before this pandemic hit us, and I’m so grateful for the lovely street I live in.

If your street are dancing, or dressing up – please share photos!

My amazing neighbours go all in; a quarantine troll! I love the dedication!

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