New birth in lockdown

Lockdown: when the world stood still. Or did it?

The world has been through a lot of change during these past weeks and months and our country has been experiencing a time of stillness and closure. Shops, restaurants and other businesses have had to close their doors. Play parks and National Trust spaces have been off limits to the public. Nevertheless, life has continued to grow and new births have brought us happiness, even if we have to witness them from a distance.

I have been missing newborn photography, meeting the tiny new little people, inviting them for a photo session to capture their first few days in the world, and of course enjoying a time of cuddles! The way I am able to work has had to change. Previously, I have invited families to me, where I have control over the environment and set the scene, but Government guidelines cannot permit this. So I, like many other photographers around the country, have ventured out to you, to your doorsteps.

Doorstep portraits

The doorstep portraits have had heaps of interest (see my previous blogpost about doorstep photos here). I’ve photographed nearly 150 doorsteps in just over 3 weeks. It started mostly with families including children of all ages, but more recently, I have had couples contacting me to request photographing their new birth arrival. This is not always babies, but fur babies too! I feel so excited to mark these memories for prospective or new parents. I’m really enjoying the doorstep photos involving anyone living at the home, but to capture memories of wonderful new arrivals or those waiting to arrive and join the family, edges a little closer to my usual area of photography.

I’m keen to share a few moments I’ve captured of these lovely proud parents.

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If you have had a baby during lockdown, or introduced a new fluffy member to your family and would like a doorstep photo to document their arrival, please email me to book a doorstep mini session, or one of my longer garden or outdoor sessions. New blog post coming soon of my recent garden sessions for newborns…

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