Socially distanced outdoor photo sessions


Outdoor family photo sessions

I’ve moved a lot of my sessions outdoors for now. Why not, when I have such gorgeous surroundings in Buckinghamshire?! I have not been able to invite newborn babies to my studio (or indeed open my new studio yet – more on this to come), but I have had the pleasure to either visit families in their gardens or meeting in a public outdoor location, documenting memories of their brand new tiny baby. Babies don’t stay little for long, so even in the midst of this pandemic, it is so worth booking in with a photographer who can photograph your new baby cradled in your arms. Your baby will seem little for a while, but looking back on those first few weeks, it is easy to forget just how small they really were.

I enjoy the different aspects available for these outdoor sessions, having something plain like a fence panel, or more of a scenic background such as a wide open space, or a little nook somewhere that feels almost cosy as it surrounds the family.

As the restrictions of lockdown ease, little by little, I can work with parents to gradually adapt my sessions to include individual images of a newborn, styling them in positions and adding textures, similar to those that I create in my studio sessions. These type of images can also be achieved via guided posing on a video call if you are shielding, involving ample preparation and lots of talking through. Please note, as parents are not trained in posing safely, any posed set ups are guided and are baby led, gentle and simple.

Some of my recent outdoor sessions with a newborn.
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