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Pregnancy is something beautiful, wondrous and full of marvel, and I think fondly of my own pregnant journey of carrying my 3 children. Growing a baby, what is not to marvel at? I remember how much harder it is to feel that wondrous feeling towards the end of the pregnant journey though. I want to give Mums that feeling of being pampered, and to remember their pregnant journey as a time of beauty.

Photographing a maternity milk bath is something I have wanted to add to my portfolio for some time, so I’ll let you imagine how thrilled I was when Hannah got in touch, wanting to do something special for her last pregnancy. I had photographed the birth of her second baby along with various sessions over the last 2 years including newborn, mini christmas session and a cake smash, so we are well acquainted now!

Maternity milk bath

Hannah got in touch with her local florist who provided us with some beautiful blooms. Take a look over at Adrienne’s flowers (based in Leighton Buzzard) for all your floral needs! We set a date, and got to work to make some memories.

It really was such a stunning experience. Hannah is an incredible person to work with, and I had also captured her bump in a studio session the week before. You can see a few of these over on my Instagram page here.

To book a maternity milk bath, email me

I encourage you to wiggle out of your comfort zone to have images like this for yourself, but if you still aren’t sure, we could also have lots of fun creating gorgeous moments of your pregnancy in the studio or in an outdoor location. I have a purpose built studio in Aylesbury, Bucks and would welcome you to visit me.

Let me mark this chapter of your life with beautiful memories of your pregnancy.

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Branding photo session for Perfect Pawtions


A collaboration with a local business

The founder of a new business got in touch with me a few months ago to photograph the headshots of their team members for the new website. I was happy to help! I really enjoy working with local businesses, and being able to provide them a service that will add to their company in positive ways to move forward.

Carly is absolutely lovely and upon first meeting her, you can feel the emotional connection she emanates that kickstarted this whole business. Perfect Pawtions work really hard to provide the best available dog treats out there, with focus on portion control. You can read the background to their heartfelt story of how it all started here. 

Perfect Pawtions are very local to me, currently based just down the road in Dinton, just outside my hometown Aylesbury. Check out their Facebook page. They are a lovely bunch, and have the sweetest pup in their company – Bear. We also tied in a pet photography session once the headshots were completed – scroll to see the beautiful Bear!

I was keen to set out for a walk with the super soft, gorgeous Bear after the headshots. We also needed a headshot of Bear – easily encouraged to stay in the necessary spot with the doggie treats, all taste tested, sampled and approved by Bear, head of product tasting!

We had a lovely time for a little walk with Bear to capture some special images of Bear and his loyal owner (we all know that it is the pet that owns the human). They have since added a new fur baby, Bow (short for Rainbow), to their family, who I am hoping to meet soon and update the family photos.

Isn’t he just gorgeous!

If you would like some photography for branding or marketing of your business, please email me to discuss how we can collaborate to build your business with photography that suits your company and speaks positively of your branding.

DIY pregnancy photos – Maternity photography – Kelly Bond Photography

Photos of your pregnancy

Growing a human is no easy feat. I remember the exhaustion all too well. I am Mum to 3 beautiful kids and had my fair share of difficulties to manage during each of my pregnancies. Nobody can help you carry your child, but a helpful hand for doing some household chores, or surprising you with something chocolate related (or pickled – whatever craving has a hold on you!), can go a long way.

It is not all emotionally and physically challenging though, it is also wonderful. Feeling that first little flutter like bubbles in your tummy, or the tiny flip, or the small little ripple under your skin as you begin to see the movements from the outside. A pregnancy, although feels like it is lasting a lifetime (especially that last month), passes very quickly. Many mums-to-be do not feel their best self during pregnancy, but trust me, there is always a glow. I feel a flutter and an emotional sigh when I think back to being pregnant with my children.

Take photos.

You don’t have to visit a professional photographer to have the full works of a photosession of your pregnancy (but it is something I love to offer pregnant Mums and would love to have you in my Aylesbury studio), but I do encourage you to take photos. See my post about taking your own maternity photos at home here. It will be a beautiful image to share with your child when they ask you the ‘when I was in your tummy’ questions, and they will!

It may not have been the top of your priority list during this lockdown period, but you can still capture some moments now. I worked with a pregnant Mama from Australia about a month ago, which involved a consultation for tips on where to take her photos, where the best light would be, and guiding her through some posing suited to her preferences and level of comfort. It was quite exciting to connect with Oz from my little town in Buckinghamshire, all the way across the pond in England. After images were taken by her husband, the mum-to-be emailed me the images to take up my editing service included in the correspondence shared. I’m thrilled that I was able to help her achieve some precious memories of her bump, and now the little man has arrived, we will also plan to do some newborn images via a video call.

A couple of the images sent by the client, utilising beautiful light and using simple neutral tones:


and the images she received back once edited:


I worked together with another lovely pregnant client also, a little closer to home,  to produce maternity memories via online communication.

Images the client sent to me (a sentimental necklace with the shutters I was keen to use on her balcony from photos of her home during consultation, and great colours in the bedroom):

The images she received back:

If you would like to take up this opportunity to achieve some pregnancy or newborn images guided by a professional photographer who adores creating beautiful memories of incredible chapters of your life (me!), pop me a message. I would absolutely love to hear from you!
My studio is now open and I am back to studio sessions if you feel up to visiting for family photography which can be to welcome a new addition, or just for updating the walls at home.

You have nothing to lose by getting in touch. Message me today.

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