Lifting lockdown – Newborn and family photography – what to expect

Post lockdown photo sessions in Bucks studio

After almost a full year of the world standing still with so many restrictions in place, the exit of lockdown is the perfect time to mark a milestone of family memories with a photographer near you. A photo session in a studio will need to have Covid measures in place, so I wanted to give you an idea of what to expect when booking a photo session in my studio.

Last year I opened my brand new Aylesbury studio, although lockdown sadly halted a lot of my first year being open, but the end is almost in sight! I’m now taking bookings from 12th April, for baby photography and family portraits. If you are concerned you have missed your ideal window of opportunity for your newborn photos, check out my blog about photographing older babies: no need to be worried!

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5 reasons why to book a photo session

  • We haven’t had many opportunities for holidays this past year; treat your family to those memories you can hang on the wall
  • Your family have grown and kids don’t stay little for long; hold that moment with some fun family photos
  • Photos are the perfect gift for family who may not have been able to see much of you this past year – Grandparents love photo updates!
  • Marking another year passing with family photos is always a good reason, (especially with a year like this last one,) and even more so if you welcomed a new baby during this time!
  • Your children will love to see their faces on the walls of your home. I love to update the walls with new photos and we are always talking about the memories that accompany the time those images were taken. This image below was a day of great fun – we ventured out into the chilly fog! My kids actually embraced their role of ‘photographer’s child syndrome’ and let me capture this. I love it!
My own little trio – a photo update to send to family – outdoor photo session

5 tips on how to prepare for your photo session

  • Read the preparation guide that I send after your booking is confirmed
  • Choose your clothing by following the tips I share in the prep guide (reduce stress by not leaving it until the last minute)
  • Chat to your kids about me so they feel more comfortable when meeting me
  • Take note of any symptoms in the days leading up to your session and contact me so we can reschedule if any of your family members show Covid symptoms
  • Email or call me if you have any questions between your confirmed booking and the day of the session – no need to wait until the day to ask
Family photoshoot – neutral colours – smiles all round

With lots of vaccinations happening all around the country, we can hopefully see the light at the end of a very long tunnel. It is still very important to stay vigilant about safety measures. I have various measures in place to ensure that your risk levels remain low when visiting my photography studio for your photo session.

What to expect on the day

  • I will meet you outside and invite you in to my studio
  • Adults are to put on your masks before approaching
  • You will need to take your shoes off as you enter the studio
  • All family members are required to use the available sanitiser (small children may need assistance) – I have a gel or spray option
  • Areas are measured out in my studio to ensure social distancing
  • Clients may remove their masks once in the designated waiting area
  • I will guide you through the session to maintain social distancing
  • My mask will remain on throughout the session
  • You must replace your masks to exit the studio
Safety first: Mum wears her mask to collect her triplet frame from newborn family photosession

For additional peace of mind, I limit weekly sessions to allow for thorough cleaning of all surfaces and props used throughout each session. Cleaning of the studio and used props is standard practice between sessions, but I want you to be confident in the knowledge of this practice. Props or newborn accessories which cannot be washed or disinfected due to fragility will be quarantined after use for 7 days before they are used again.

I am very much looking forward to meeting the new babies who have already arrived and waiting to visit, and to welcome families back to the studio – whether it is your first visit, or a returning visit.

If you have any questions at all, please do get in touch.

Next blog: I’ll take you through the booking process, so come back and have a read if this is a question you have.

Photographing older babies – Bucks baby photographer – Kelly Bond Photography

Lockdown, missed opportunity, and ideal baby ages for newborn photography


If you have a baby a few weeks old and worrying that you have missed your opportunity for newborn photography due to this current UK lockdown, I want to reassure you that you have not. There is always time, and it is always worthwhile to get booked and preserve those memories of your new family.

I cover Bucks, where I am based, and also the surrounding areas of Bedfordshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire. Many expecting parents book with me in their second trimester, confirming their place in my schedule ready for a photosession when their newborn baby is aged between 7-14 days. However, I have photographed countless babies who, although are older than the considered ideal age range, have been just as adorable, and posed in suitably cute positions!

I would love to share with you some of the older babies I have photographed in recent months to reassure you that photography of your newborn baby, the new addition to your family, can still be achieved with lovingly cherished results. Note the age of baby detailed above each of the galleries achieved with these babies, (from Aylesbury, Winslow, and Slough, Berkshire), were some of my favourites from last year.

Newborn photography of older babies

First, I introduce you to baby boy Max. Mum got in touch with me when he was already nearly 6 weeks old. My schedule thankfully allowed to be able to book them in within just a few days. I only take on a limited number of newborns per month to be sure I can fit all my booked babies in, and sometimes I have space for last minute babies (see FAQ page for more info). I was so happy to meet them all; Max came for his newborn photoshoot along with his beautiful big brother. He was an absolute angel. Mum and Dad purchased my luxury presentation print box which holds your 10 favourite images on matte board mounts. I’ve been told they are up all around the house!

Max, 6 weeks 2 days old.

Moving down in age ranges, next we have scrumptious Isaac. This little guy has the best hair of the newborns I photographed in 2020! Isaac was 11lb 2oz at birth, so on photoshoot day, had a few more lbs to add. Bigger babies don’t phase me; they all look diddy when they are wrapped up in a cute bundle! He practically slept the whole time he was in the studio and I adored his gallery. His parents purchased a beautiful trio of canvas wraps, and a presentation box of matte board mounted prints.

Isaac, 5 weeks 4 days old.

The 3rd edition of the next family was a bit special, as I have photographed all 3 of their gorgeous girls as bumps and babies, a mixture of studio photography and outdoor location photography for each maternity photoshoot. Mum says they are done and family complete now…. sad face! This little lady was born just before November lockdown hit us, so I sadly had to wait for cuddles, but she was so worth the wait. This family have been with me through my development as a photographer, and I have loved capturing their growing family throughout that time. They purchased a stunning 24″ square multi aperture cream ridge edged frame, which sets off their living room decor perfectly, along with a set of digital images.

Robyn, 4 weeks and 5 days.

Next in line is Mason, with his beautiful doting big sister. His parents got in touch in with me after recommendation from Mason’s Auntie; I had photographed his cousin when she was born a couple of years prior. A lot of my work comes from verbal recommendation. We booked Mason’s newborn photo session when he was just over 4 weeks. He didn’t sleep with total ease, but one of my skills as a specialist newborn photographer is also being known as a ‘baby whisperer’. We achieved a beautiful mixture of sleepy and awake shots. It can never be a disadvantage to have a baby who does not sleep as we then capture lots of gorgeous expressions and those amazing eyes! His parents purchased a large selection of digital images.

Mason, 4 weeks and 1 day old.

Lastly, for this blog, especially showcasing the beautiful images that can be created with slightly older newborn babies, we have this sweet little treasure… Not all baby girls are expectantly dressed in pink, in fact, Mum expressed the desire to avoid typical pinks. At nearly a month, she was initially wide awake, but with my baby soothing skills, I was soon able to settle her and she was placed in gentle poses very contently. I was a particular fan of the gold tones with her and as a result, have added a few more items to compliment this palette for baby girls coming for their newborn photosession. The middle collection package of their favourite digital images were purchased.

Rose, 3 weeks and 5 days.

I adore what I do; I have always loved newborn babies, before becoming a Mum myself. It is always worthwhile to capture these images when they are little because they really do grow so fast. My firstborn is now 10 and I still often look back at the images taken of him in his first year. You haven’t missed your opportunity for the posed style newborn photography that I offer. Baby wrapping is the key for older babies, and I’m an expert in that – head over to read the kind words shared by other parents of their experience of my baby photography.

I would love for you to get in touch today, and I would be happy to chat about what might be most achievable depending on the age of your baby. Email me, get booked in. I’m taking in person bookings from April onwards with hope that the end of lockdown will arrive and allow my gorgeous studio to welcome new babies back in! I only opened my studio mid 2020, and I’m sad I haven’t been able to use it much due to dipping in and out of lockdown!

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