Lifting lockdown – Newborn and family photography – what to expect

Post lockdown photo sessions in Bucks studio

After almost a full year of the world standing still with so many restrictions in place, the exit of lockdown is the perfect time to mark a milestone of family memories with a photographer near you. A photo session in a studio will need to have Covid measures in place, so I wanted to give you an idea of what to expect when booking a photo session in my studio.

Last year I opened my brand new Aylesbury studio, although lockdown sadly halted a lot of my first year being open, but the end is almost in sight! I’m now taking bookings from 12th April, for baby photography and family portraits. If you are concerned you have missed your ideal window of opportunity for your newborn photos, check out my blog about photographing older babies: no need to be worried!

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5 reasons why to book a photo session

  • We haven’t had many opportunities for holidays this past year; treat your family to those memories you can hang on the wall
  • Your family have grown and kids don’t stay little for long; hold that moment with some fun family photos
  • Photos are the perfect gift for family who may not have been able to see much of you this past year – Grandparents love photo updates!
  • Marking another year passing with family photos is always a good reason, (especially with a year like this last one,) and even more so if you welcomed a new baby during this time!
  • Your children will love to see their faces on the walls of your home. I love to update the walls with new photos and we are always talking about the memories that accompany the time those images were taken. This image below was a day of great fun – we ventured out into the chilly fog! My kids actually embraced their role of ‘photographer’s child syndrome’ and let me capture this. I love it!
My own little trio – a photo update to send to family – outdoor photo session

5 tips on how to prepare for your photo session

  • Read the preparation guide that I send after your booking is confirmed
  • Choose your clothing by following the tips I share in the prep guide (reduce stress by not leaving it until the last minute)
  • Chat to your kids about me so they feel more comfortable when meeting me
  • Take note of any symptoms in the days leading up to your session and contact me so we can reschedule if any of your family members show Covid symptoms
  • Email or call me if you have any questions between your confirmed booking and the day of the session – no need to wait until the day to ask
Family photoshoot – neutral colours – smiles all round

With lots of vaccinations happening all around the country, we can hopefully see the light at the end of a very long tunnel. It is still very important to stay vigilant about safety measures. I have various measures in place to ensure that your risk levels remain low when visiting my photography studio for your photo session.

What to expect on the day

  • I will meet you outside and invite you in to my studio
  • Adults are to put on your masks before approaching
  • You will need to take your shoes off as you enter the studio
  • All family members are required to use the available sanitiser (small children may need assistance) – I have a gel or spray option
  • Areas are measured out in my studio to ensure social distancing
  • Clients may remove their masks once in the designated waiting area
  • I will guide you through the session to maintain social distancing
  • My mask will remain on throughout the session
  • You must replace your masks to exit the studio
Safety first: Mum wears her mask to collect her triplet frame from newborn family photosession

For additional peace of mind, I limit weekly sessions to allow for thorough cleaning of all surfaces and props used throughout each session. Cleaning of the studio and used props is standard practice between sessions, but I want you to be confident in the knowledge of this practice. Props or newborn accessories which cannot be washed or disinfected due to fragility will be quarantined after use for 7 days before they are used again.

I am very much looking forward to meeting the new babies who have already arrived and waiting to visit, and to welcome families back to the studio – whether it is your first visit, or a returning visit.

If you have any questions at all, please do get in touch.

Next blog: I’ll take you through the booking process, so come back and have a read if this is a question you have.

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