Christmas Mini Sessions – Aylesbury studio – family photography

Christmas is only just around the corner! It is such a wonderful time of year – I really love hearing Christmas music playing wherever you go – it just makes me feel so happy!

Are you starting to get ready? The real question is, have you got your Christmas photos booked?

My Christmas Mini sessions are now open for booking and I am so excited to be sharing the details with you!

Are you ready for all your questions to be answered?

Where do the sessions take place?

Christmas mini sessions take place in my Aylesbury photography studio, near to the town centre. My studio is easy to find with parking available right outside, and space in the studio to allow for social distancing.

What is included?

I will have 2 backdrop sets available in the studio which are both included in the session:

Cosy Christmas – a cosy darker scene with Christmas trees and teddies
This scene is suitable for up to 3 children

Cosy Christmas scene

Christmas Sparkle – a sparkly scene for your family portraits, adults and children – fantastic for Christmas cards.

Christmas Sparkle

Santa’s favourite.

As a stunning bonus add on, you get to ALSO choose one of the images from the session to go in Santa’s frame. We all know you frame your favourite images – of course Santa does too!

Show your child that they are on the Nice List and must be one of Santa’s favourites if he has proudly framed their little face.

Santa’s favourite

Your session includes all 3 of these sets (2 photographed in my Aylesbury studio) for £95.

You will receive 3 high resolution retouched digital images of your choice to download from a presentation of proofs which are viewed online in a password protected gallery.

Additional images are available to be purchased.

What dates are available?

Thursday 11th November – SOLD OUT

Friday 12th November – SOLD OUT

Saturday 13th November – SOLD OUT


Friday 3rd December

Saturday 4th December

What do I need to bring?

  • All your family members that you want to include in the session – up to 6. Cousins or wider family groups must book back to back sessions for images of multiple households together.
  • Your chosen clothing – I will send a preparation guide to suggest clothing options once your booking is confirmed.
  • Any accessories you would like – Santa hats, teddies, any special items you wish to include.

When will I receive my images?

The online gallery will be ready to view within 1-2 weeks, and once your selections have been made, your digital images will be ready to download within 2 weeks.

Do you only offer all 3 scenes for the Christmas Mini sessions?

No, you can book a single scene for just £45, including 1 digital image of your choice.

‘Christmas Sparkle’ can be booked on other midweek early evenings.

Cosy Christmas’ is only available on the dates detailed above and can be booked as a single scene or as the trio of scenes.

Message me for full date options.

You can upgrade a single scene session and ADD on the gorgeous Santa’s favourite frame for £20 with an image from your single scene set, or send me your own image.

I love Santa’s favourite – can I just book this?


You provide an image of your little one, and I will edit the image into Santa’s frame.

The image can be one of your favourites you have taken or one from a previous session with me.

These digital images are available for £20 and you can choose one of 3 different Santa scenes. Isn’t Santa just lovely?!

I look forward to hearing from you to create some gorgeous Christmas memories of your family.

Christmas is coming! Be ready!

Newborn photo session – family photos – Bucks baby photographer

A brief break in my birth photography series… birth photography and newborn photography – what is the difference?

Do you search for birth photography in Bucks, and something unexpected comes up? Are you really looking for an Aylesbury photographer for a newborn photo session? My previous blog series shares some birth stories all about birth photography and what it is.

Read Ayshah’s birth story – A hospital birth

Birth photography is about documenting the labour and actual birth of your baby. Newborn photography captures your new baby features, still tiny and curled up, usually in the first 2 weeks after birth.

I would like to share with you what to expect from a newborn photo session with me in my dedicated Aylesbury studio. I love to use props, and with my experience in wrapping, I use gentle posing to photograph your new baby in natural and sweet positions. Siblings are always welcome, and I include family photos in all full newborn photo sessions.

I’m going to take you through what a newborn photo session looks like with the various set ups, including a sibling and family.

Props in a newborn photo session

I use a variety of bowls, buckets and beds in my newborn photography work. I have different sizes to suit smaller or bigger babies.

I design each newborn photo session individually, according to preferred colour palette, use of any new items I might want to include, some props I use more than others, and some I have specific requests for prop set ups by parents.

A few of the props we used for the newborn photo session of beautiful Penny…

Bucket prop, simple headband
Bed prop
Bowl prop on flokati
Side angle, back lit, bucket prop, added baby bonnet

I often use different props of the same type, and have a few different bed props, and quite a few bowl props! I rarely do the exact same set up with the same colours twice as I love to explore putting different textures together, and I am constantly adding to my prop collection.

“The pictures are so beautiful. I cannot stop looking at them!” – Mum of Penny

Beanbag posing

This style of newborn photography is often very simplistic with the use of a wrap and backdrop material, and maybe some embellishments. Some newborn photographers use a beanbag, others use a table prop, depending on their preference of height, shape and softness. I use a bed poser as I like the wider surface area, versatility to move around the studio and also fold away, and I like to work sitting from the floor.

Beanbag posing can be quite varied, with many ways to photograph baby with materials and different poses. It is also great for any size baby, including multiples.

Simple and white
Heart embellishments and a smile captured
Another bonnet, full wrap, and a smile to finish
Cute in pink, in the cream flokati
This gorgeous girl was dishing out the smiles in her newborn photosession

Sibling photos

I talk a lot with older siblings through the newborn photo session – I love to learn about their character. Sometimes they like to help, and others need some coaxing to get involved.

Penny’s sweet big sister celebrated her 1st birthday just a few days before the photo session, and she was wonderful!

I often take the sibling photos gradually throughout the photo session, asking them to come into the set to capture them together, after ensuring I have all the shots and angles of the baby in the prop initially.

I have a drawer of various bits and bobs to encourage bigger siblings if needed, and always take an individual photo of them too – which they usually love! Penny’s big sister made me work for it, with not yet walking.

Sisters – best friends forever
Keeping an eye on her little sister
Cute little crawler!

Family photos

It is so important to capture all the family together when a new baby arrives into the family. Photos of you, in the image, with your children, let me stress again – is so important!

Being a Mum myself, I know that in those days and weeks that follow after birth, you usually don’t feel your best, but I hope that these images can show you how gorgeous your family photos will be.

Be in the photo – if only for your children in years to come.

It is always worth having them taken during the newborn photo session, you can then choose whether or not to purchase the images. This family ordered a large canvas of a family photo because it was just too lovely not to have it displayed on their family home walls.

Mum and Dad with their beautiful girls
Daddy’s girl
Cuddles with the girls
A sweet moment of big sister giving baby sister a kiss

Every newborn photography session will differ in terms of props used, and wrapping styles. Some babies like to keep their hands out by their face, others love the full swaddle and like that secure feeling.

I always follow the baby’s lead, and with my extensive training and years of experience capturing many many tiny babies, I will make sure you receive the best photos of your new baby.

For booking information, you can read the whole process in this blog.

Or visit the FAQ page, or of course, just pop me a message via the contact page for anything else; more questions, booking.

I look forward to hearing from you.

See you in the next blog!

Photographing a cake smash – 1st birthday – family photography – Buckinghamshire

What is a cake smash?

What is a birthday without cake?! Over the recent months, your baby has been trying out new foods in their weaning journey, so why shouldn’t they have a cake to celebrate their very first birthday? (Unless they have allergies of course!)

You choose a set to reflect your favourite interest or colour for your baby, we give them a cake, and they do what babies do best when they are a one year old and given a whole cake in front of them…. get messy! The results are super cute. There is something gorgeous and sweet about a baby (potentially) covered from head to toe in frosting, smooshed all over their face.

Baby face covered in cake frosting

Don’t worry if mess isn’t your thing – we finish with cleaning up in the bath.

Why choose me as your photographer?

The simple and most honest answer? I love kids!

There are loads of local photographers out there and each one will have their ultimate ‘why’ they chose that career. The main reason I moved into photography and then chose to be a newborn specialist, and a cake smash photographer is that as a Mum of 3 myself, I know how important photos are.

was so keen to document everything in that first year they were each born as it passes way too quickly. They achieve so many milestones in that first year and the age of newborn to a year is my absolute favourite. I would have so many more babies if my body could take it and I could keep them in that newborn stage for longer!

I worked with children in a nursery, then as a private nanny, before exploring photography and moving into it full time after the birth of my second child. Many previous clients comment on my positive interaction and patience with their children, and it makes me so happy that this is what shines through during a photo session. 

“Not only are her finished photos so beautiful, she is so patient and engaging with my boys”

Leanne Phillips

What should my baby wear for the cake smash?

There are 4 smash options to choose, starting from £50; birthday splash, simple smash, smash and splash, custom smash and splash.

Clothing can vary between a full outfit, (fancy dress or 3 piece suit), to a nappy cover and accessory. Depending on the theme you choose for the smash set, a particular style may suit one more than another. You can opt for an outfit change for the latter two sessions which also include birthday portraits either in the cake smash set, or a separate set – the best of both if you can’t decide on what to wear!

I email a preparation guide to you once you have confirmed the booking (see here for details on the booking process), to help with choosing suitable outfits. The prep guide includes more specific details and suggestions on how to dress your baby for the photo session.

Some of the gorgeous outfits from smash sessions:

Do I need to bring the cake?

No – I provide these in all my cake smash sessions and it is factored into the session fee. I want this to be as easy and stress free as possible for you, so I take care of the cake. By working with a local baker in Aylesbury, where I am also based, the cakes are all designed to perfectly match the set. You only need to choose and provide the outfit you wish your baby to wear.

When do I need to book?

It is best to book a cake smash photoshoot around a month before your baby turns one. Many parents like to include the images of these milestone sessions on birthday party announcements, so it is great to get the session scheduled with ample time before the actual birth date. 

I recommend booking ideally 8 weeks in advance. The baker and I both need adequate time for planning and accommodating in our diaries. We can sometimes squeeze in last minute bookings though, so do get in touch even if you have only just considered a cake smash photoshoot and the date isn’t far away. 

I have a newborn – is it too early to book?

It is never too early to prepare for a birthday celebration! I offer package sessions which are perfect for those who like to be prepared; Baby to birthday, and Baby’s First year. These are very popular and are often booked during the second trimester, ready for the newborn photoshoot. 

What if my baby doesn’t like the cake?

In my years of experience as a cake smash photographer, it is quite rare for a baby to completely refuse to go near the cake. Some babies do take a little while to warm up to the idea of touching or eating the cake – others dive straight in, occasionally face first! I have lots of methods to encourage the baby to try touching, and sometimes that is all that is needed. Other times, they will still refuse to get involved.

There is no need to worry if they really don’t like the cake smashing part of the photoshoot,

99% of babies love a splash in the bath for the last bit of the session!

The images from this part are just as special and a beautiful memory of this milestone. Those cheeky smiley faces, and trying to catch bubbles are utterly gorgeous – sometimes the favourite!

An advantage of the baby not completely demolishing the cake, is that you can take the remainder home to enjoy. Of course, you are welcome to take home any remains, however deconstructed it may be!

I don’t want a framed wall art of a cake smash – can I just get digitals?

Yes – I offer digital bundles as well as the option of print collections (which include matching digitals), individual wall art, and multiple aperture framed wall art. In the digital world we are experiencing, digital images are often sought after, and although wall art is something I absolutely adore, I also want to meet desires to own the digital images.

That being said, people so frequently leave images stored on a computer, on an external device or USB in a drawer and never get round to printing them; please don’t leave your beautiful images unprinted. Part of my job, after creating the moments of treasured milestones, is to help you decide on how to be able to enjoy the memories of these images, and share them with others, through print.

Check out this related blogpost about some products I offer: Displaying your photos

Can I have some family photos at the same time?

Yes, this is included in the custom smash and splash option (session fee – £125). You will be provided with a preparation guide for choosing your family wardrobe for photos all together, along with a separate guide for the cake smash part of the session. You can choose to have the photos taken within the cake smash set, or on a separate background for a more classic portrait.

If you would like to get booked in for a cake smash session, just pop me a message via the contact page, and I’ll aim to get back to you within 1 working business day.

I can’t wait to chat with you about the birthday celebration of your little one! I love that age!

Booking process – newborn photography and family portraits – Aylesbury photographer

Booking a photographer

Choosing a photographer to capture a special chapter in your life – a new baby, an update of family photos, a reason to celebrate a particular story in your lives – can feel like a big job. I want to take out all the possible stresses of this task and for it to be an easy process so that you can be fully informed and confident in knowing what you are receiving before you book a photographer.

Family; Mum, Dad, 3 sisters

Let’s dive right in with the steps from making the inquiry, all the way through to  holding the beautiful images of your family that you will treasure. I’m here to look after you through every step and make this simple and easy for you, and we will have lots of fun along the way!

Making an inquiry 

When using the contact form on my website (here), your message will ping over to my email. I’ll be smiling already when I see your inquiry! I’m so thrilled for you – I get excited for each message I receive, ready to discuss taking gorgeous family pictures for you. I love what I do and I want to share that!

I will respond to your inquiry within 1 working business day. My response will detail pricing, availability, and the options for photo session types so that you can see exactly what I offer with all the information you need to know before confirming a booking.

Deciding to book

You’ve read all the information and want to book – yay! My mind will begin whirring away with possible plans for your session from the moment you decide that I am the right photographer to fulfil your needs. No two photographers are the same as we each have our own essence of creativity, and I get very excited that you love what I create in my studio work. I can’t wait to schedule your date in my diary. Now for a little paperwork….

Deposit and contracts

The next step involves:

1.) completing the booking form

2.) signing a contract of terms and conditions

3.) paying your deposit of your chosen session

Completion of the 3 things secures your date with me officially and then we get planning!

The full session fee amount is due to confirm a booking, or £50 of a package session with the balance paid at least 48 hours prior to the session date. Session fees confirm your booking and pay for the planning and time of the session. Images are  ordered separately at your presentation viewing, and not included in the session fee.

Scheduling and preparations

If you have booked me for family portraits (outdoor location or in the studio), headshot photography, maternity photography, or a cake smash photo session, we schedule a set date. If you have booked a newborn session, I book you for your due date (this is a temporary date). I only fill my diary with a certain amount per month to ensure I can accommodate all bookings regardless of when the baby actually arrives. When the baby arrives, you share your baby news with me, and we book a date from there.

When you have completed the contract and deposit, I will email over a prep guide. This details studio address and directions, clothing suggestions, tips for a successful session, and details of your preferences for the photosession.

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I adore this red and black combination; striking, complimentary, and non distracting

I will be in touch to check in during the weeks leading up to your photo session, and I can answer any questions you may have. For maternity photography and newborn photography sessions, you will also be sent a questionnaire to complete, which will help with further planning and styling of your session.

This pop of colour against the blue is stunning

The day of the photo session

The day arrives! You will have all the guidance prior to this day, knowing exactly what you need to bring to either my photography studio, or to meet at a location in the gorgeous countryside of Bucks. On arrival at my Aylesbury studio, you can take a seat and relax through a newborn photo session, or with all the family, we get straight into fun with photos! My aim is always for you to enjoy the time spent in my studio while I create some incredible images for your family. On location, we make our way to some beautiful favourite spots of mine, usually on a gentle stroll while stopping along the route to capture precious family moments in action.

The presentation and ordering appointment 

In the 2-3 weeks following your photo session with me, I will be choosing the best images from your gallery, and begin the first stage of edits on a sample of this gallery. You will be invited back to studio to view your images, and make your order. You will have already received the product pricing guide in your initial contact to me, so there are no surprises of pricing and what is available in the form of wall art, print collections, and digital collections.

The presentation viewing is often an emotional one. It is my job to create stunning images that you feel connected to, these are precious memories of that point in your life, and frequently those emotions come out in tears – not to worry though, I stock tissues too! I’m there to help you every step of the way, and can assist with tips on ways to frame your images in the best and most effective way.

Receiving your order

I will complete the editing on your chosen images (I love this bit – making those final tweaks to make it perfect), and fulfil your order. Approximately 4 weeks after your ordering appointment, I will invite you back to collect your gorgeous wall art or print collection. I love seeing the look on client’s faces when they see their images in print for the first time, it makes my heart flutter every time.

This triplet frame was chosen to hang in their hallway.

In a blink, children reach the next milestone; sitting, walking, starting school – my oldest will be at secondary school in just 18months! I want to capture every moment of my children, and be able to mark those memories for you too.

Get in touch  – let’s make some memories!

Lifting lockdown – Newborn and family photography – what to expect

Post lockdown photo sessions in Bucks studio

After almost a full year of the world standing still with so many restrictions in place, the exit of lockdown is the perfect time to mark a milestone of family memories with a photographer near you. A photo session in a studio will need to have Covid measures in place, so I wanted to give you an idea of what to expect when booking a photo session in my studio.

Last year I opened my brand new Aylesbury studio, although lockdown sadly halted a lot of my first year being open, but the end is almost in sight! I’m now taking bookings from 12th April, for baby photography and family portraits. If you are concerned you have missed your ideal window of opportunity for your newborn photos, check out my blog about photographing older babies: no need to be worried!

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5 reasons why to book a photo session

  • We haven’t had many opportunities for holidays this past year; treat your family to those memories you can hang on the wall
  • Your family have grown and kids don’t stay little for long; hold that moment with some fun family photos
  • Photos are the perfect gift for family who may not have been able to see much of you this past year – Grandparents love photo updates!
  • Marking another year passing with family photos is always a good reason, (especially with a year like this last one,) and even more so if you welcomed a new baby during this time!
  • Your children will love to see their faces on the walls of your home. I love to update the walls with new photos and we are always talking about the memories that accompany the time those images were taken. This image below was a day of great fun – we ventured out into the chilly fog! My kids actually embraced their role of ‘photographer’s child syndrome’ and let me capture this. I love it!

My own little trio – a photo update to send to family – outdoor photo session

5 tips on how to prepare for your photo session

  • Read the preparation guide that I send after your booking is confirmed
  • Choose your clothing by following the tips I share in the prep guide (reduce stress by not leaving it until the last minute)
  • Chat to your kids about me so they feel more comfortable when meeting me
  • Take note of any symptoms in the days leading up to your session and contact me so we can reschedule if any of your family members show Covid symptoms
  • Email or call me if you have any questions between your confirmed booking and the day of the session – no need to wait until the day to ask

Family photoshoot – neutral colours – smiles all round

With lots of vaccinations happening all around the country, we can hopefully see the light at the end of a very long tunnel. It is still very important to stay vigilant about safety measures. I have various measures in place to ensure that your risk levels remain low when visiting my photography studio for your photo session.

What to expect on the day

  • I will meet you outside and invite you in to my studio
  • Adults are to put on your masks before approaching
  • You will need to take your shoes off as you enter the studio
  • All family members are required to use the available sanitiser (small children may need assistance) – I have a gel or spray option
  • Areas are measured out in my studio to ensure social distancing
  • Clients may remove their masks once in the designated waiting area
  • I will guide you through the session to maintain social distancing
  • My mask will remain on throughout the session
  • You must replace your masks to exit the studio

Safety first: Mum wears her mask to collect her triplet frame from newborn family photosession

For additional peace of mind, I limit weekly sessions to allow for thorough cleaning of all surfaces and props used throughout each session. Cleaning of the studio and used props is standard practice between sessions, but I want you to be confident in the knowledge of this practice. Props or newborn accessories which cannot be washed or disinfected due to fragility will be quarantined after use for 7 days before they are used again.

I am very much looking forward to meeting the new babies who have already arrived and waiting to visit, and to welcome families back to the studio – whether it is your first visit, or a returning visit.

If you have any questions at all, please do get in touch.

Next blog: I’ll take you through the booking process, so come back and have a read if this is a question you have.