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Lockdown, missed opportunity, and ideal baby ages for newborn photography


If you have a baby a few weeks old and worrying that you have missed your opportunity for newborn photography due to this current UK lockdown, I want to reassure you that you have not. There is always time, and it is always worthwhile to get booked and preserve those memories of your new family.

I cover Bucks, where I am based, and also the surrounding areas of Bedfordshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire. Many expecting parents book with me in their second trimester, confirming their place in my schedule ready for a photosession when their newborn baby is aged between 7-14 days. However, I have photographed countless babies who, although are older than the considered ideal age range, have been just as adorable, and posed in suitably cute positions!

I would love to share with you some of the older babies I have photographed in recent months to reassure you that photography of your newborn baby, the new addition to your family, can still be achieved with lovingly cherished results. Note the age of baby detailed above each of the galleries achieved with these babies, (from Aylesbury, Winslow, and Slough, Berkshire), were some of my favourites from last year.

Newborn photography of older babies

First, I introduce you to baby boy Max. Mum got in touch with me when he was already nearly 6 weeks old. My schedule thankfully allowed to be able to book them in within just a few days. I only take on a limited number of newborns per month to be sure I can fit all my booked babies in, and sometimes I have space for last minute babies (see FAQ page for more info). I was so happy to meet them all; Max came for his newborn photoshoot along with his beautiful big brother. He was an absolute angel. Mum and Dad purchased my luxury presentation print box which holds your 10 favourite images on matte board mounts. I’ve been told they are up all around the house!

Max, 6 weeks 2 days old.

Moving down in age ranges, next we have scrumptious Isaac. This little guy has the best hair of the newborns I photographed in 2020! Isaac was 11lb 2oz at birth, so on photoshoot day, had a few more lbs to add. Bigger babies don’t phase me; they all look diddy when they are wrapped up in a cute bundle! He practically slept the whole time he was in the studio and I adored his gallery. His parents purchased a beautiful trio of canvas wraps, and a presentation box of matte board mounted prints.

Isaac, 5 weeks 4 days old.

The 3rd edition of the next family was a bit special, as I have photographed all 3 of their gorgeous girls as bumps and babies, a mixture of studio photography and outdoor location photography for each maternity photoshoot. Mum says they are done and family complete now…. sad face! This little lady was born just before November lockdown hit us, so I sadly had to wait for cuddles, but she was so worth the wait. This family have been with me through my development as a photographer, and I have loved capturing their growing family throughout that time. They purchased a stunning 24″ square multi aperture cream ridge edged frame, which sets off their living room decor perfectly, along with a set of digital images.

Robyn, 4 weeks and 5 days.

Next in line is Mason, with his beautiful doting big sister. His parents got in touch in with me after recommendation from Mason’s Auntie; I had photographed his cousin when she was born a couple of years prior. A lot of my work comes from verbal recommendation. We booked Mason’s newborn photo session when he was just over 4 weeks. He didn’t sleep with total ease, but one of my skills as a specialist newborn photographer is also being known as a ‘baby whisperer’. We achieved a beautiful mixture of sleepy and awake shots. It can never be a disadvantage to have a baby who does not sleep as we then capture lots of gorgeous expressions and those amazing eyes! His parents purchased a large selection of digital images.

Mason, 4 weeks and 1 day old.

Lastly, for this blog, especially showcasing the beautiful images that can be created with slightly older newborn babies, we have this sweet little treasure… Not all baby girls are expectantly dressed in pink, in fact, Mum expressed the desire to avoid typical pinks. At nearly a month, she was initially wide awake, but with my baby soothing skills, I was soon able to settle her and she was placed in gentle poses very contently. I was a particular fan of the gold tones with her and as a result, have added a few more items to compliment this palette for baby girls coming for their newborn photosession. The middle collection package of their favourite digital images were purchased.

Rose, 3 weeks and 5 days.

I adore what I do; I have always loved newborn babies, before becoming a Mum myself. It is always worthwhile to capture these images when they are little because they really do grow so fast. My firstborn is now 10 and I still often look back at the images taken of him in his first year. You haven’t missed your opportunity for the posed style newborn photography that I offer. Baby wrapping is the key for older babies, and I’m an expert in that – head over to read the kind words shared by other parents of their experience of my baby photography.

I would love for you to get in touch today, and I would be happy to chat about what might be most achievable depending on the age of your baby. Email me, get booked in. I’m taking in person bookings from April onwards with hope that the end of lockdown will arrive and allow my gorgeous studio to welcome new babies back in! I only opened my studio mid 2020, and I’m sad I haven’t been able to use it much due to dipping in and out of lockdown!

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Baby Keepsakes – recommended by Aylesbury newborn photographer – Kelly Bond Photography

There are a million different baby items you can purchase when a new baby is born; whether that is for your own baby, for a baby born into the family, or the baby of a friend. Those items are special; how many parents have photos of their baby with their treasured comforters? I know I do. The online world is full of baby shops; Etsy, eBay, Amazon, but I want to draw your attention to the local independent shops. These are the businesses that need your support right now, and I can recommend one that is very local to me, based in Aylesbury, Bucks. It is such a lovely business, with the products offered as well as the lady who creates them all.

Spotlight on: In Craft Corner from newborn photographer – Kelly Bond Photography


I have known about In Craft Corner ever since I started my journey to being a newborn baby photographer. I was looking for a taggy blanket for my first baby who is now 10 ūüėģ¬† (How fast the years have flown!) Nic was only doing the business part time at that point, moving to full time in 2014, and now running a successful baby product business with over 6 thousand followers on Facebook and many more who find her direct through her website.

In Craft Corner sells a range of baby keepsakes which are perfect for gifts for new babies, or purchasing for your own baby. In Craft Corner is safety tested with the CE marking for that extra peace of mind, and each item has been made with babies real needs in mind. Being a specialist baby photographer, baby safety is absolutely key to me. I personally love the dummy bibs and teether bibs Рperfect for that dribbly stage! They are 3 for £14 at the moment Рyou can find them by clicking here.

The huge range of fabrics available to choose from are also a big benefit; something for everyone! I think Nic has a similar obsession with fabric buying the way I do with newborn props, hats and accessories for my baby photography! Its a sign of how much we absolutely love what we do!

Headshot photography session with In Craft Corner


My studio business had to close twice last year, as it was classified as non-essential during the UK 2020 lockdown periods of March and November. Doorstep photography kept me busy for part of it though – check out my blog here. However, inbetween these lockdowns, I could re-open (yay!), and Nic got in touch with me to get some headshots done for her business. I was happy to help out and invited her to my studio. We scheduled a morning session once we had both done the school drop dash, and armed with some of her products and a few different clothing items, we got to work. Nic also makes her own clothing, very handy for showcasing her business branding. I think I need some clothing for when I’m in photo sessions! I personally love anything rainbow related, and her brand including clouds is a perfect mix of both.

I already had something in mind from the moment we started chatting about headshots, and as she embroiders a lot of her products, I really wanted to showcase the endless threads she uses. This was my favourite from the session, and you will also see it in use on her website:

So many threads – all needed to complete each baby product

In Craft Corner specialises in baby keepsakes, and each one is lovingly made with personal items saved from baby’s first weeks, and formed into a blanket or keepsake teddy. They are such lovely items. I have yet to order one from my baby’s early day clothing as I just can’t decide¬† which animal I like best! I have a huge box of keepsakes for each of my children. Their early days are so precious, which is part of why I specialise in newborn photography. Your baby will never again be that small, and through photos, tiny curled up poses, and the diddy clothing they wore, these are all some of the special ways to remember how little they really were!

These are some of the beautiful items Nic brought along to the studio to photograph on their own, and being held to help show the size, especially useful for the keepsake animals. You can see more of the images from our headshot session on her website.

Baby teether rings
Keepsake memory animals
Business owner, Nic, wearing handmade brand clothing

I recommend the gorgeous teether rings – perfect for when those teeth start to make an appearance. Babies can start to feel movement of teeth behind their gums from 3 months, even if the actual teeth don’t break through until the more typical age of around 6 months. Time passes quickly, and its worth being ready.

In the meantime, I hope you take lots of and lots of photos of your little ones – they change so quickly! I would love to capture beautiful memories of your baby with a newborn photosession, or milestone session when they may be sitting and capturing more expressive moments. Feel free to head over to my newborn gallery to see my style of work, and if you would like images of your baby like this – pop me an email!

It has been a joy to see In Craft Corner grow in business, and I’m sure Nic and I will continue to cross paths, as I recommend her to all my local and wider location based clients with her lovely baby items! Get in touch with her if you would like a memory bear, animal or blanket, or any baby products ready for those teething days.

Tips for a sleepy baby – baby photographer – Kelly Bond Photography

Does your baby struggle to settle for sleep?

Hopefully this blog post can help! Some babies manage to fall asleep quite easily, while others need a little bit of help. When I have babies in the studio with me for a newborn photography session, I can encourage a baby into a comfortable sleep using methods developed over my years of experience. As a specialist newborn photographer it is an essential role to be known as a ‘baby whisperer’ as babies need to be asleep to be able to pose them in certain positions, to achieve those baby photos you all love and adore! I hope that by sharing some some of these methods, and those of other local specialists, you will be able to help your baby sleep, because as we all know, happy baby = happy Mummy!

Why is sleep so essential?

Psychologically, sleep is absolutely paramount to our bodies ability to function, physically and mentally, and also how it handles long term health issues . It is really important that your little ones have sufficient sleep, so that you, as an adult, are able to achieve the necessary amount of resulting sleep. Julia Fensom is a baby consultant based in Aylesbury, Bucks, who specialises in sleep education and makes references to her research from Matthew Walker’s book “Why we sleep”. Julia is a lovely lady who I have the pleasure of knowing personally, so my first tip is to get in touch with her if you would like some practical help with sleep training. Julia told me in conversation with her earlier this week that ‘newborns can’t stay awake longer than 45-60mins in the first month so if they’re getting grizzly, put them down for a nap. Newborns have to be actively put to sleep, they won’t just sleep when they’re tired’. All her contact information can be found on her website: httpss://

Quick tips for helping babies to sleep


  • gently touch their faces, rubbing down their noses and across their foreheads. You can see a video of me using this technique in this behind the scenes newborn photography video
  • have a warm room, or add a layer to help them feel cosy. I start all my newborn sessions with wrapping the baby using trained techniques. This usually helps the baby feel safe and secure, without getting distracted or startled by their involuntary limb movements. It also helps their body temperature stay warm, as newborns are unable to regulate their body temperatures very easily.
  • take a baby massage course. I can highly recommend¬† Becky who runs Blossom in Aylesbury, Quainton and local surrounding areas. Baby massage helps with circadian rhythms, so your baby will have better awake times in the day, and deeper sleep rhythms at night. Contact Becky – click here.

  • have something near that smells of Mum to help with familiarity when Mum leaves the room.¬† Nic at In Craft Corner can help with these type of items. She offers all sorts of lovely baby items and I personally ordered taggie blankets from her for all 3 of my babies when they were tiny. Her work is beautiful. Some babies really benefit from having something tactile that they connect to sleeptime, and it can be quite useful to have something to begin that connection early on.
  • rocking and swaying with your baby can help remind them of the movement they had regularly when in the womb. I gently rock babies and keep my hands on them while wrapping them up ready for newborn photos. Babies benefit so much from physical touch as having close contact is all they have ever known.

If you have any tried and tested methods of your own that you think would be helpful to other parents out there, leave it in the comments. I would love to hear from you!
Sending you good sleep vibes for you and your little ones!

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Newborn Photosession – Baby photography in Bucks – Kelly Bond Photography

Family photography with their new baby boy

I love sharing little blogs of sessions to give parents who are expecting new babies an idea of what a session with me is like. Newborn photography is something I have adored for years, and is definitely my area of expertise. I have ¬†invested in hours and hours of training to be highly experienced in wrapping, posing, have relevant and detailed knowledge of baby safety. I have a studio full of props, wraps, accessories, and have been called a ‘baby whisperer’ too many times to count!

My studio is easily located near the town centre of Aylesbury in beautiful Buckinghamshire. It was newly built in 2020, and it is wonderful to have a dedicated space to invite families to for their photo session. I’m already getting busy with 2021 bookings, and although my doors are sadly closed right now due to lockdown, I am really looking forward to having babies back in the studio in the coming weeks. Being a baby photographer is the best job!

I am blessed to know this family through my local church, Aylesbury Vineyard, and I was very excited when they booked a session with me in their second trimester, ready for the arrival of their upcoming new addition. Want to know when to book? Visit the FAQ page for more information. The weeks passed and the day arrived! Their firstborn is super sweet and was a very helpful photographer’s assistant during our session. He came along with his own camera and wanted to help photograph his baby brother. Maybe he will come back for work experience in a few years!

The family chose an earthy colour palette for their session, with a request for some navy and blue tones too. I used my new baby blue backdrop from Blessence props, which is gorgeous! Simple, yet so lovely! He was such a perfectly behaved baby to pose. I may get an acrylic piece using this colour for my studio along with my other sample pieces of my canvas trio and multiple aperture framed wall art.

If you have any questions about sessions with me, my FAQ page may help answer them. Or if you would like to ask anything that isn’t there or would like to book your newborn for 2021, do get in touch. I would love to hear from you, and create precious memories of your early days.

I hope that the studio can open again mid February but I will be keeping you updated via my social media pages; Facebook and Instagram.

Sleeping baby boy, holding his head in his hands, laying in blue fluff

Newborn baby in a bucket prop, olive green earthy tones

family, mum and dad with 2 sons, one baby boy and his big brother

Sleeping baby boy wrapped in blue, laying on a blue backdrop

Newborn baby, wearing a tied bonnet

Mother holding her newborn baby boy, cheek to cheek

Big brother kissing his newborn baby brother

Newborn baby wrapped up, laying on a fluffy blanket

Dad looking at his newborn baby boy held in his hands

Newborn baby boy, curled up, sleeping on his tummy


Newborn baby boy – Max – Aylesbury baby photographer – Kelly Bond Photography

6 weeks 2 days old baby boy

This gorgeous little boy visited me in the studio recently, and I had such a special time photographing him, his big brother with the most beautiful eyes, and his lovely Mummy.

These boys dazzled me in behaving exceptionally, and we achieved some stunning images, which were purchased as a print presentation box. I really adore the presentation boxes. Included are 10 matte mounted lustre finish prints, ready to put into a frame, gift some to family, or display as they are on a frame to be enjoyed by any eyes who catch sight of them.

For expecting newborns for 2021, enquire with to book a photosession at the studio based in Aylesbury, Bucks. I would love to schedule you and capture some precious images for you and your new baby.

Newborn and big brother laying on a fluffy blanket

Newborn baby wearing a bonnet

Mum, big brother, baby brother

baby sleeping on his hands

baby boy

Get in touch to reserve a session. Booking 2021 due dates now.

Actress headshot photo session – Aylesbury photographer – Kelly Bond Photography

Photographing an actress


When Chloe got in touch shortly before we went into our second lockdown, I was thrilled to be commissioned with the prospect of updating her headshot images for her acting profession. I frequently photograph young children, often newborn babies, but on this occasion, my skills were required for an adult headshot session; exciting! We set a date swiftly to get them done before Covid-19 resulted in the temporary closure of my studio.

I advised Chloe to bring a few different outfits along so that we would have versatility between the necessary required images, and she did not disappoint. Chloe came with some beautiful selections; smart, casual, fitted, floaty, vibrant.

Covid secure measures are in place for all visitors to my studio (wearing masks, sanitising the area, etc), but an additional measure was given for our session to take place in sure knowledge of safety, as the actress was routinely tested every 2 days while on set in her assigned role. 

I also photograph child headshot updates for their agency portfolios. If I can be of assistance to update your portfolios for modelling or acting, please do get in touch. My studio is based in Aylesbury, Bucks. Headshot sessions are just £45 and include one retouched digital image.

Displaying your photo moments – Aylesbury portrait photographer – Kelly Bond Photography

I want to talk to you about getting your photos on the wall.

We live in a world where digital technology is everywhere. Kids grow fast, and we try to capture that growth with the thousands of photos we take of them. Photos might be using our phone (lets face it, its quick and easy to whip out the phone and snap a shot of the kids in action), or it might be on a fancy DSLR that you take out from time to time to get a higher quality image to print from. What you use to take photos, matters less than what you are capturing. The point is, capture the moment. Then get it on the wall! Nobody can enjoy that gorgeous moment you witnessed of your child, if it is just stored on your phone, or on a USB in a drawer.

Print moments that make you happy!

My Aylesbury based photography studio is my happy place. Every week I meet families with new babies, and children of all ages, and I consider it not only my job, but my privilege to be chosen to capture moments that would otherwise pass by quickly; moments that could possibly be forgotten. Parenthood can sometimes fold into a blur of days as you muddle through from one day into the next, and all the many things that take up each day. I’m still affected by ‘Mum brain’ now!

Every moment is significant.

My studio is a place where I bring those moments together, we pause that family time, and capture the significant stages of your life. Then at a presentation viewing after the session, we choose how these beautiful memories can be displayed in your home. These moments will take pride of place on your walls, and you will glance at them every day and fondly remember that time. I know I definitely do with the images I have displayed around my home.

Images are precious.

Give them the statement they deserve. It is important that your children see family images on the wall, it is a way that they feel loved.

I am a firm believer in printing your treasured portraits, and I provide a full service experience from my studio in Aylesbury, Bucks, that completes your individually planned session full circle, getting your images onto stunning products that have that WOW feature. My products are sourced from companies who have thought of everything; UV coating on canvases, acid free materials, eco friendly packaging. I love these products and I am so pleased to be able to pass on this quality to you. Quality over quantity is what I provide, and I am proud to offer something to suit everyone; canvas art (matte or satin finish), print presentation boxes (great for the coffee table), superior matte boarded prints, framed wall art (individual or multiple aperture), small items inbetween, and even the digital only collections – but please don’t just leave them stored on a computer!

These are a few of the stunning pieces in my studio, and some client orders. I absolutely love them, and I hope you do too!

Cream ridged triplet frame

Client collecting triplet cream ridge edged frame

Print presentation box with 10 mounted prints

Matte finish canvas
Satin finish canvas – a little shine – absolutely stunning in person
A trio is a beautiful way to display

Get in touch to discuss booking a session and have your own stunning pieces to display of your precious family moments.

Christmas 2020 – family photo – Bucks photographer – Kelly Bond Photography

Making the most of Christmas 2020 with a family photo


Ok, so 2020 has probably not been the year we expected right? Lockdown took over with the appearance of Covid-19 into our lives back in March. Plans got postponed, holidays got cancelled, school was out for a while. But that doesn’t stop us making memories, and having fun with our family. Buckinghamshire has some of the most beautiful places for walks, and they were a Godsend during lockdown (some shared among the family gallery here). We pushed through and Christmas is still coming!

I welcomed families into the studio a few weeks ago to enjoy a winter wonderland Christmas grotto, and to make some memories capturing so many smiles from children and parents. We had Christmas music, giggles, and some very silly faces with some families! It was a lot of fun! I’ve been busy editing these galleries, and now they have been received by the families. It was nice to push Covid aside get back to some normality. Yes, we are back into a second lockdown for now, but it won’t last forever. I’m glad I scheduled these Christmas Mini photography sessions early, ahead of lockdown no.2, but as they were so popular, and with optimism of lockdown being lifted early December – I’ve got some news!

New Christmas Mini Photoshoot dates!

If you missed the first round, get booked on these new dates!
£45 for your photosession includes one retouched digital image, and there is also the option to purchase additional images if you prefer the collage look to your Christmas cards rather than one single image, or put them up in various places around your home to spread the Christmas cheer! Nothing cheers me up more at Christmas time than seeing my kids happy faces.

Morning slots available on Friday 4th, and a couple of afternoon slots available on Saturday 5th. At this time, I am not scheduling later than this so that we have the option to push them back if lockdown is not lifted.

Email me to book:

Some of the lovely families who visited me in my Aylesbury studio:


Family photosession with a newborn – Baby photographer – Aylesbury, Bucks

Welcoming a new baby to the family

As the family made their way into my Aylesbury studio, I could see the tiny little face of a beautiful newborn baby girl in her car seat. Her sweet big brother stood proudly nearby. After they settled in, I had my first cuddles (chronologically no.1 of the best bits of my job), and set to work on my wrapping technique for the posed prop set ups.

Super big brother was fantastic and it was evident how proud he was of his new role in the family. A newborn session with Kelly Bond Photography includes a variety of images using props, handheld stuffies, wraps, materials, siblings, and beanbag poses. With gentle trained hands, I pose little ones in positions they are comfortable in, often replicating positions they were naturally in when in the womb; snuggled and cosy. While in these poses, newborns often make the cutest little noises (hearing these is another best bit of my job – baby noises are adorable).

Family photos together are included in all newborn sessions. Your baby is only a baby for such a short time, and when they are older, they will want to see photos of when they were tiny, with their doting parents, and how tiny they were in their hands.

Take the opportunity. Make those memories. Put them on your walls at home.

They are only little for such a short time.

Book your session 10 weeks in advance of your due date and only pay half price for your session fee. Click here to discuss a session. 

My job has so many parts that I love. The session itself is just a small part, but more bits I love about my job include the fun in editing, seeing the parents faces as they return for their presentation and ordering appointment, and then witnessing emotions when they receive their order as the parents re-visit how tiny their baby was and how they have changed already in just a few short weeks.

I want to photograph ALL the babies! I love these sessions so much!

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What to wear for a family photosession – Family portraits – Aylesbury photographer

Deciding on your outfits for your family photos

It can be quite daunting to have booked a family photosession, but then realise that you need to make decisions on what to wear.¬†No need to worry though – I’ve got you in this! What you wear is quite important as these are the images that could be on your walls for some time, depending on how often you update them. I wanted to share just a little bit of how I help you prepare for your photosession here in this blog.¬†¬†

Rest assured that when you book a studio session with Kelly Bond Photography, I’ll guide you from the very beginning. Following the payment of your session fee, you will receive a prep guide (we are only talking about a small part of this prep guide today). This will detail everything you need to know in preparation for your photosession, including tips on what to wear, and colours to combine.

Some families go for bold, others more pastel, and sometimes patterns can work really well so don’t be afraid to pop on a pattern.

Whatever you choose, my trusty Nikon D800 and crystal sharp Nikon 24-70mm will be on hand to ensure your family photos are perfect. I will also recommend to bring some extra clothing items, as we then have the option to change part of the colour combinations.

Just a few of the gorgeous clothing choices that have worked beautifully in the studio environment.

Classy, black and red
Monocramatic, whites and greys
Complementary, navy, grey, black
Autumnal, burgundy, army green
Complementary, navy and white
Pastel, complementary blue patterns

You are welcome to send over clothing ideas beforehand from your wardrobe for an extra pair of eyes to help you choose the right combination for your family. At your presentation viewing, scheduled approx 2 weeks after your session, we will work together to choose how best to display your updated family photos proudly at home, with countless options of gorgeous wall art.

I would love for you to get in touch to discuss your next family photo update.
Pop me a message via the contact page by clicking here.