Frequently asked questions

How do I make a booking?

Get in touch via the contact page here and we will discuss the details of your required session. You will need to complete a booking form, sign the terms and conditions, and make payment of a deposit to confirm your session.

Can I book maternity separately?

Yes. I want you to feel completely comfortable in your experience with me, if you aren’t sure initially about investing in multiple sessions. I offer a mini maternity session, and you still have full access to my client wardrobe. 

When should I book for a newborn session? 

The best time to book is after your 20 week scan. I schedule your due date in my diary, and ask that you contact me 24-48 hours once your baby has arrived. We then schedule a definite date at this point.

Newborn sessions usually take place at 7-14 days old. Booking in your second trimester helps me know how many babies are expected on a monthly basis. I can sometimes fit in additional babies for bookings, but it is advisable to do so in advance.

What should I wear?

I will provide you with a styling prep guide to help you choose outfits or colour combinations for family photos, and this is sent to you once your deposit is paid for the session. I also have my studio stocked with materials for maternity sessions or Mum and baby shots, wraps, headbands, hats, accessories, textured layers and more for newborn sessions. My aim is to make the session as easy as possible for you – let me take care of everything!

How long is the session?

Maternity or family session – approximately 1 hour

Cake smash – averages between 40mins to an hour

Newborn session – approximately 2 hours

What if my baby has acne? Do you retouch?

Yes, basic retouching of skin flakes, colour correction and blemish removal is included. Additional charges apply for retouching including head swaps, tattoo removal etc.

When can I see my photos after the session has taken place?

Viewing appointments are typically scheduled approximately 2 weeks after your session. You will view a ‘soft proof’ version of the images. This means that your images will be cropped and have minor lighting adjustments. When you have chosen your final images and paid the deposit for your order, your images will be retouched ready for print.

How many pictures do I get?

No images are included in your session fee unless you purchase a package with digital files (specified on the session fee guide). Your deposit covers the time and talent of the photographer for the session only. The product pricing guide details the options available and you can purchase as many of the images as you wish at your viewing appointment, without feeling limited to a particular number.

What can I expect at the viewing appointment?

At this appointment, you will get to see your own gorgeous images! All decision makers should be present at the viewing appointment. We will look over the images from your gallery, and choose what you would like to have on display in your home.

We will discuss all the options available, and you will be able to see samples of wall art or print boxes to get an idea of what your own images may look like as a finished product. I am with you to help every step of the way, and I love seeing your beautiful memories in print.

My clients have expressed how it is such a wonderful feeling to pick up your chosen product, ready to hang or enjoy straight away, taking out the stress of ordering from unknown companies, and the uncertainty of knowing the quality you will receive. I want to give you this feeling too!

What if my baby doesn’t sleep?

My preparation guide helps to guide you with how to prepare ahead of the session. I have spent years perfecting my workflow, and trained in baby wrapping so your newborn feels cosy, safe and warm, along with expertise of soothing techniques. I’m quite proud of the ‘baby whisperer’ title many parents attribute to me after their newborn photo session experience with me.

Even with these skills in mind, your baby still may not sleep, but rest assured, I will follow the lead of your baby, and the images achieved will still be stunning and precious.

Is my baby safe in certain poses?

I never force baby into a position they are not comfortable in, and I always use extra pairs of hands when necessary, to ensure your baby is completely safe.

I do not have a set list of specific poses to work through as each baby is different, and if you are not comfortable with a certain pose, always just let me know, or if there is a particular pose from my galleries you would like achieve from the session, let me know this too!

Your baby’s safety is my top priority, as much as it is yours, and this is what you pay for with my experience. I am specifically trained and experienced as a newborn photographer. I have invested years into training and ensuring my practices keep your baby safe, while creating simply stunning memories using poses I am experienced in. I want you to be completely confident when entrusting your child to me for a short while, with safety first. 

Is it an additional cost for family or sibling photos?

Full sessions include parents and siblings at no additional cost and are very welcome. This part is usually pretty quick. Feel free to bring along something to keep young children entertained during a newborn session. I also have toys available in the studio – children are often keenly interested in a new selection of toys!

Can I share images taken of my baby on social media?

Yes, images that are posted on my social media pages (Facebook and Instagram) may be shared, providing it is a direct share and watermarks remain visible. No screenshots are to be taken as it violates copyright laws. All images I share online are a web resolution and not suitable for print.

You may of course share any of your own digital images once they have been purchased. You are not permitted to digitally edit or add a filter to any image taken by Kelly Bond Photography.

Should you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact kelly@kellybond.com with your queries.