Christmas Mini Sessions – Aylesbury studio – family photography

Christmas is only just around the corner! It is such a wonderful time of year – I really love hearing Christmas music playing wherever you go – it just makes me feel so happy!

Are you starting to get ready? The real question is, have you got your Christmas photos booked?

My Christmas Mini sessions are now open for booking and I am so excited to be sharing the details with you!

Are you ready for all your questions to be answered?

Where do the sessions take place?

Christmas mini sessions take place in my Aylesbury photography studio, near to the town centre. My studio is easy to find with parking available right outside, and space in the studio to allow for social distancing.

What is included?

I will have 2 backdrop sets available in the studio which are both included in the session:

Cosy Christmas – a cosy darker scene with Christmas trees and teddies
This scene is suitable for up to 3 children

Cosy Christmas scene

Christmas Sparkle – a sparkly scene for your family portraits, adults and children – fantastic for Christmas cards.

Christmas Sparkle

Santa’s favourite.

As a stunning bonus add on, you get to ALSO choose one of the images from the session to go in Santa’s frame. We all know you frame your favourite images – of course Santa does too!

Show your child that they are on the Nice List and must be one of Santa’s favourites if he has proudly framed their little face.

Santa’s favourite

Your session includes all 3 of these sets (2 photographed in my Aylesbury studio) for £95.

You will receive 3 high resolution retouched digital images of your choice to download from a presentation of proofs which are viewed online in a password protected gallery.

Additional images are available to be purchased.

What dates are available?

Thursday 11th November – SOLD OUT

Friday 12th November – SOLD OUT

Saturday 13th November – SOLD OUT


Friday 3rd December

Saturday 4th December

What do I need to bring?

  • All your family members that you want to include in the session – up to 6. Cousins or wider family groups must book back to back sessions for images of multiple households together.
  • Your chosen clothing – I will send a preparation guide to suggest clothing options once your booking is confirmed.
  • Any accessories you would like – Santa hats, teddies, any special items you wish to include.

When will I receive my images?

The online gallery will be ready to view within 1-2 weeks, and once your selections have been made, your digital images will be ready to download within 2 weeks.

Do you only offer all 3 scenes for the Christmas Mini sessions?

No, you can book a single scene for just £45, including 1 digital image of your choice.

‘Christmas Sparkle’ can be booked on other midweek early evenings.

Cosy Christmas’ is only available on the dates detailed above and can be booked as a single scene or as the trio of scenes.

Message me for full date options.

You can upgrade a single scene session and ADD on the gorgeous Santa’s favourite frame for £20 with an image from your single scene set, or send me your own image.

I love Santa’s favourite – can I just book this?


You provide an image of your little one, and I will edit the image into Santa’s frame.

The image can be one of your favourites you have taken or one from a previous session with me.

These digital images are available for £20 and you can choose one of 3 different Santa scenes. Isn’t Santa just lovely?!

I look forward to hearing from you to create some gorgeous Christmas memories of your family.

Christmas is coming! Be ready!

Tips for a sleepy baby – baby photographer – Kelly Bond Photography

Does your baby struggle to settle for sleep?

Hopefully this blog post can help! Some babies manage to fall asleep quite easily, while others need a little bit of help. When I have babies in the studio with me for a newborn photography session, I can encourage a baby into a comfortable sleep using methods developed over my years of experience. As a specialist newborn photographer it is an essential role to be known as a ‘baby whisperer’ as babies need to be asleep to be able to pose them in certain positions, to achieve those baby photos you all love and adore! I hope that by sharing some some of these methods, and those of other local specialists, you will be able to help your baby sleep, because as we all know, happy baby = happy Mummy!

Why is sleep so essential?

Psychologically, sleep is absolutely paramount to our bodies ability to function, physically and mentally, and also how it handles long term health issues . It is really important that your little ones have sufficient sleep, so that you, as an adult, are able to achieve the necessary amount of resulting sleep. Julia Fensom is a baby consultant based in Aylesbury, Bucks, who specialises in sleep education and makes references to her research from Matthew Walker’s book “Why we sleep”. Julia is a lovely lady who I have the pleasure of knowing personally, so my first tip is to get in touch with her if you would like some practical help with sleep training. Julia told me in conversation with her earlier this week that ‘newborns can’t stay awake longer than 45-60mins in the first month so if they’re getting grizzly, put them down for a nap. Newborns have to be actively put to sleep, they won’t just sleep when they’re tired’. All her contact information can be found on her website: httpss://

Quick tips for helping babies to sleep


  • gently touch their faces, rubbing down their noses and across their foreheads. You can see a video of me using this technique in this behind the scenes newborn photography video
  • have a warm room, or add a layer to help them feel cosy. I start all my newborn sessions with wrapping the baby using trained techniques. This usually helps the baby feel safe and secure, without getting distracted or startled by their involuntary limb movements. It also helps their body temperature stay warm, as newborns are unable to regulate their body temperatures very easily.

  • take a baby massage course. I can highly recommend  Becky who runs Blossom in Aylesbury, Quainton and local surrounding areas. Baby massage helps with circadian rhythms, so your baby will have better awake times in the day, and deeper sleep rhythms at night. Contact Becky – click here.

  • have something near that smells of Mum to help with familiarity when Mum leaves the room.  Nic at In Craft Corner can help with these type of items. She offers all sorts of lovely baby items and I personally ordered taggie blankets from her for all 3 of my babies when they were tiny. Her work is beautiful. Some babies really benefit from having something tactile that they connect to sleeptime, and it can be quite useful to have something to begin that connection early on.
  • rocking and swaying with your baby can help remind them of the movement they had regularly when in the womb. I gently rock babies and keep my hands on them while wrapping them up ready for newborn photos. Babies benefit so much from physical touch as having close contact is all they have ever known.

If you have any tried and tested methods of your own that you think would be helpful to other parents out there, leave it in the comments. I would love to hear from you!
Sending you good sleep vibes for you and your little ones!

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Newborn baby girl photo session

I love love love all the tiny babies that I get to meet in my work. I am really living my best life, with my dream job., based in the beautiful surroundings of Buckinghamshire.

I met this little gorgeous love shortly before Covid-19 came along and presented various troubles with businesses being able to continue work in a normal way.

I am very sad to have to temporarily close and postpone baby sessions. However, I have regularly photographed older babies, who can still be happy to be posed, and we achieve beautiful images regardless of age.  See my newborn work on my Facebook or Instagram, and I bet you can’t tell which ones were older.
So if you have a new arrival in your family, please don’t worry that you will be missing this period of opportunity for newborn photos. I recently put up a video offering tips on how to take some newborn photos of your own, and when I can open up again – we can get you booked in for some professional styled images including your whole family.  You can watch the video here.

Miss H was such a sensational little model. I wrapped her for the first half of the session while we had some gorgeous awake time. I love her deep sparkly eyes.

She enjoyed being wrapped up and was super content, while interacting and watching me move around her; she was listening all the time.

After the snuggly wrapped up time sending her off to the land of dreams, I could then pose her in one of my bowls; the little foot holding makes my heart melt. When babies are under 2 weeks, their bones are still very soft and they curl up with ease. Miss H was only 6 days old for her newborn photo session, so this was a naturally content pose for her.

Unfortunately, due to the social distancing measures in place after this session took place, I was unable to see her again for another cuddle during the presentation viewing of the gallery for her parents, and this had to be done online instead.

I will be officially opening my studio when lockdown has relaxed – so I am extremely excited to be getting back to work when it is possible.  You can see what I brought for the studio in this video! 

Lots more tips will be shared to help you make the most of documenting the early days of your little one. I can’t wait for cuddles when I’m back to work! Until then, stay safe everyone.